Today I am bringing you a creation that was inspired by a cc wish on tumblr made by andhisrabbits. The wish was to have a fitted jacket with a single button but a little bit more casual with a loose collar. This is the end product. I really like it especially with a thin stripe pattern on the shirt in a white and blue matched up with a grey jacket. We really don’t have enough jackets in game, so I am happy to create another to add to what is avilable.

This creation features:

  • basegame compatibility
  • 4 recolourable channels (jacket, lapel part 1 and 2, shirt)
  • 3 presets with custom thumbnails
  • found in Everyday, Formalwear, Career and Outerwear categories and CAS

The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files along with the preview image. Choose your preferred file type, install, then you can delete the rest. I hope you enjoy. 


Download: Mediafire | Onedrive



A Followers Gift:  A Recolorable Rug

I never expected to have so many followers that a followers gift feels almost obligatory, but it seems that I have arrived at that point.  This all says a heck of a lot about all of YOU being kind, appreciative people who are extremely generous with your attention, not only to all-things-sims, but to each other.  Thank you for tolerating my haphazard posting, my waving of WIPs in front of your faces and not delivering, my personal drivels, poor grammar, and, well, lots of reblogging of all of your far more interesting posts.  You all make me smile a lot and I appreciate everyone who interacts with me here, follower or not.  

I really wanted to gift you all a spectacular set of CC objects, but they just aren’t quite perfect yet.  So, in the meantime, have a rug!  And I promise that I will finish several other projects soon.

This is just one object, but it has six unique recolor options, and each option is completely recolorable.  It is slightly larger than a 3x2 rug.  Mesh modified from EA by yours truly.  Designs hand-photoshopped from images I found online.  I was inspired by these rugs by Sionelle to fulfill my own CC wish of recolorable rustic traditional rugs.  

Not really much else to say.  I hope you enjoy it!

Download: dropbox

TOU:  If you find anything wrong with it, please let me know! Feel free to share as part of your own creations.  If you want to use any part of this creation to make new objects, please be my guest!  Credits are appreciated and if you could tag me/let me know, that would be lovely.  Please do not reupload as is or claim as your own.  Thanks!


*I’m in the process of moving things from my old blog, so please bare with me.

Download:   |   Mediafire

This pack was made for SIMplified Living Magazine’s Issue 6. Nik, [RAwr2019] the Editor, asked me to create a family pack for this coming issue [due to be released around December/January]. This pack includes 3 Adult poses [one was used for the teen], 2 child poses, and 1 toddler pose. Though this pack is meant to be used as a family portrait, some of the poses can be used on their own or with other poses. The pose tags are included with the download and the poses DO appear on the pose list. Enjoy!


Nightcrawler 23 (with BEO’s edit)

  • Female Teen-Elder
  • With & without that strand.  Couldn’t decide which one I liked more.  Strandless is BEO’s edit.
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Texture by plumb-bombs
  • No TOU



For YF/AF, with my AS control and blended texture: credits go to and filterforge for hair texture stock and aWT for the control action. Usual TOU applies; please do not use my textures without my consent! :)

DROPBOX / MEGA / BOX (.package only)


For YF/AF, with my AS control and blended texture: credits go to and filterforge for hair texture stock and aWT for the control action. Usual TOU applies; please do not use my textures without my consent! :)


DROPBOX / MEGA / BOX (.package only)


Over 30 objects Included (not all visible) .Click picture for more Details

Download Here

Additional Notes:

The Ceiling Rafter ( not in the picture) fade like the ceiling lights.Which makes for better visibility when viewing a room from above!

The Pots, Pans, utensils, Mitten, cups, and plants are separate objects (Not all separate but you will see how they are separate when in your game) for more recolor options.Also they all snap to the Utensil Rack.As for the cups, they are kind of hard to snap together.The easiest way I found was to snap the cups to each other first then snap them to the utensil rack.They should all shift together if done correctly.

The Stairs are in Package form because they contain a Script made by Simlogical. I didn’t include a traditional Rail ( not the rail in the pics) because it would get in the way of the stairs.So I included a deco rail.The rail in the Pics snap to the stairs.I know this is a bit confusing, so I would recommend installing it in your game then read these notes :)

Collection Files Included



Hi all! I made some stuff for your (and my) simmies. Here’re Superman themed simple sweatshirts for YA/A male sims. Recolorable. Teen version is available!

Do not re-upload or claim as you own.

Happy Holidays!



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Here David once again!
"Twinkly Twinkly" Strange name, isn’t it? LOL
They’re Ready for Download After weeks of work! Specially for my friend Stella, who’s the reason of a lot of things ♥

I highly recommend you to go and download to my Blogger for see the important details about this with Mirrors, HD Images and More!
In case you don’t want:
Package | Sims3Pack

Don’t be reUploading my things, Thank you ♥